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Ariovaldo Afonso Street, 730, Vila Fertiza, Araxá, MG, Brazil

Exploring Strategic Minerals:

Mining and Sustainable Development


We are a Brazilian mining company that operates strategic mineral assets for the energy transition, such as lithium, nickel, copper, quartz and rare earths.


To be a sustainable supplier of strategic minerals and ensure that our entire supply chain complies with ESG criteria.


Be a disruptive company and actively participate in the energy transition, adding value to our shareholders and developing projects with excellence and in a sustainable way.


Socio-environmental responsibility, integrity, adding value to our shareholders and better quality of life for people.

About Fenrir do Brasil

Fenrir do Brasil is a Brazilian mining company that researches, develops and explores mineral assets. In recent years, the company has achieved strong growth, largely due to the fact that its portfolio has research and mining concessions for critical mineral assets, considered strategic for the energy transition. Such as lithium, cobalt, copper, nickel, clays, high purity quartz and rare earths.

We are attentive to the global demand for strategic minerals, which is expected to grow and expand significantly in the coming decades. In this sense, the company is operating in four Brazilian states, carrying out its projects simultaneously.

One of the main projects is underway in the Barreiro alkaline carbonatite complex, in Araxá, Minas Gerais, where they are developing a rare earth project (neodymium and praseodymium).

In Santarém, Pará, the company intercepted an immense salt deposit, an underground layer 510 meters thick, in abandoned oil wells. In this project, we are conducting feasibility tests for direct lithium extraction (DLE), eliminating the need for evaporation ponds.

In its ventures, Fenrir assumes a strong commitment to ESG practices, based on sustainable mining that contributes to the equal development of communities and the entire ecosystem.

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Our mineral assets

Lithium + Brine

Lithium + Brine

Nickel Laterite

Rare Earths - Araxá

Neodymium and Praseodymium

Words From The Directors

José Mário de Jesus


"Based on our work as a mining and development company, we understand the importance of the energy transition and commit to being an active part of this change. We take responsibility for operating sustainably, aiming to minimize our environmental impact as much as possible. Furthermore, we recognize that our responsibility goes beyond our business, being directly related to building a fairer and more conscious future. In summary, we acknowledge our role in the energy transition and are committed to contributing to building a better world."

Guilherme Costa


We live in a constantly evolving world, where technology is always advancing and developing to make our lives easier and more efficient. And in mining, it is no different. We are committed to using the latest available technologies to ensure that our operations are safe, efficient, and sustainable.
As you can see, our commitment to advanced technology is not only limited to improving our operations. As a mining company, we are aware that our product is fundamental to the ongoing energy transition.
We are excited about the possibilities that the energy transition brings and eager to be a part of it, helping to make it a reality. Thank you for your attention and we remain at your disposal.

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  • Ariovaldo Afonso Street, 730, Vila Fertiza, Araxá, MG, Brazil
  • contato@fenrirdobrasil.com
  • +55(11)98666-2393

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